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“46 years of my life I was living by my daymare (my thoughts) I believed every thought that came into my mind was real and I brought it to life and created such drama with most matters I faced. I was living life full of harsh judgements toward myself and others and because of this I often lived in a state of fear, stress and unhappiness, constantly looking outside myself for my happiness which caused endless suffering…

After working with Fiona I am now living a life that I could never imagine.  In a way it’s too good to be true but it truly is, I have met and attracted people along my path that I would never though life could be possible, I’m free of all the harsh judgements, fear and negativity. I am staying true to myself as a human being, I do get lost in my thoughts from time to time, but it doesn’t impact me the way it once did and deep within me I know I’m home where I truly belong in my pure space of consciousness with a sense of fulfilment and peacefulness surrounding me the majority of the time. I see how beautiful life really is in everything I face in life and I deeply understand that it is impossible for us to be depressed, unhappy, stressed when we are well connected within and understanding the nature of mind, consciousness and thought.

I believe everyone would greatly benefit from working with Fiona. I would wish our education system would bring the understanding that she teaches to our kids from primary school years.  I would love to volunteering to help other if I have any chance ,if everyone know this knowing we would have greater society and we would Live life so much lighter , more peacefully, and we would be much kinder, more loving  to ourselves and everyone else.”

Anh Tran – Melbourne


“Shortly after I experienced a significant life event, a colleague who spoke very highly of her and her methods referred me to Fiona. I got in contact with Fiona and have never been so grateful for anything in my life.

In three short months, Fiona has guided me towards total transformation within, so much so, that friends, family and colleagues have all noticed a significant difference in me on all levels and more importantly, I am now a much more empowered human being with the awareness of self to now live my life consciously and purposefully, in touch with my inner wisdom and guidance.

No matter what challenge in life you feel you have faced, do face now or may face, Fiona can absolutely guide you through and beyond it in ways you never thought possible.

THANK YOU Fiona, you’re truly a remarkable, caring, compassionate and wonderful soul.”

Michael Lauria – Melbourne


“Fiona is 100% professional, she knows her stuff, you feel very well looked after, understood and challenged. She will introduce you to totally new way of thinking, which has the potential to totally change the way you operate, live and be. Fiona is also very open about herself and this offers you great comfort. The other great quality of Fiona is that she makes sessions light-hearted when many people take it quite seriously. This isn’t to say Fiona minimises what’s happening for you, quite the contrary – she sees whatever is happening for you in it’s real form and highlights that to you with lightness, so that you can also view it lightly.

Since working with Fiona, My life has changed on quite an amazing level.

I now relate to myself and my thoughts in a totally different way, in a way that offers such comfort, security, warmth and higher connection with myself and my way of being and thinking – when before my thoughts had the better of me, and could make my life miserable at times. It’s somewhat difficult to articulate my feelings after working with Fiona, the best way would be there’s a feeling of oneness; and the knowledge that there is a pool of wisdom and innate health within me at all times is a wonderful comfort for me (in a non airy-fairy kind of way). It’s an “all is good in the world” kind of feeling.”

Vanessa Aitken


“Hello Fiona,

First, I am thankful for your existence!

The 12 videos worked a treat with both myself and Laetitia. Realisations I made through listening to them boosted my confidence to the levels where I feel myself again. My patience and the power to recognise when and then pull away from possible conflict help immensely keeping our relationship healthy. I listen better and manage more to act instead to react.
I keep going back to the videos and each time I learn a different aspect of something you say or I find a different link between the issues raised, which makes me more and more aware, essentially being able to observe and act with what is the right thing to do, not what I think I should do.
So, a big fat THANK YOU is in order.
It is simply nice to understand my wife so much better.

Love your work.”

Peter – Queensland

“I have recently completed Fiona’s ‘Time to Shine’ program. There are many words I could use to describe the program: Enjoyable, thought provoking, reflecting, challenging, inspiring, motivational just to name a few. The content in the group webinars and weekly video’s built each week. We were never overloaded with too much “stuff”. It allowed me to have greater awareness of my thoughts and how they contributed to what I was experiencing.

What I liked most was the one on one sessions I had with Fiona. She was able to challenge me on my unresourceful mindset and strategies yet at the same time show great compassion and patience. I really enjoyed our conversations and as a result am far more grateful and reflective than I ever been.  I have also noticed that things I had been putting off, beating myself up about or procrastinating over in my business are happening organically and naturally without me having to push them.

Thank You Fiona for your passion and commitment to everyone on the program. I highly recommend it to women who want to find their inner strength, passion and energy and want to get more out of their life.”

Jodi Dunnell
Jumpt Personal Training


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