Learn how to reach more people, have more impact
and grow your practice

A 12-week virtual training for service providers, coaches, consultants
or practitioners

with Fiona Lukeis & Barbara Patterson

Beginning October 26th 2019

Explore the real source of transformation, impact and growth
for yourself, your clients and your practice

Are you a service provider, coach, consultant or practitioner?

Do you currently have a practice or are thinking about going into practice?

Would you like to create an environment that allows for profound shifts
in your clients – real change that sticks?

If so, join us for this profound and impactful twelve week virtual training

We will show how you can easily deepen your impact with the people you serve and expand your reach to those who need what you have to offer.

The cornerstone of any successful service, coaching or therapy practice is the quality of work you do with your clients. This is THE variable that sets you apart.

In a vast and full market, your impact is your greatest leverage.

Where we come from, inside ourselves, when we work with others, matters more than any other single activity we do for our businesses. Looking in the direction of our own understanding and grounding has huge payoffs for both our clients and ourselves.

But to have a deep, profound and sustainable impact with our clients requires an ability to transfer our understanding, our grounding –
to be present and real.

Our willingness to be ourselves, in real-time, connected to our deeper nature and to the person or group in front of us, has the capacity to influence and transform.

During this 12-week program you will…

  • Gain new traction and depth in your work with clients

  • Create powerful conversations that result in sustained shifts for your clients

  • Get real-time feedback on your coaching and/or client sessions

  • See live coaching in action

  • Have an opportunity to coach others and apply learning

What’s included…

6 live webinars:

  • Teaching core principles of impact and results for your clients and the people you wish to impact

  • What happens during a client session?

  • Discuss client scenarios

  • Real-time coaching, mentoring & support

  • Video lessons throughout the program based on what is relevant and meaningful to the group

  • Private Facebook Group where we can share ideas and connect


When we tap into our true nature, we experience new possibilities, more creativity and access to a deeper intelligence

When we work with others from this space, our impact is more powerful, transformative and effective

When we get to the heart of the matter, we create an environment for powerful change

There is simply nothing more leveraged for growing our business.


Program Details

The Program will begin with our first virtual class on Saturday October 26th and finishes on Saturday February 1st.

6 live classes will take place every second Saturday 9am -10.30am AEST.

Dates are: Oct 26, Nov 9, Nov 23, Dec 7 (We will break for Christmas and summer holidays) Jan 18 and Feb 1 2020.

What you can expect:

  • A deeper understanding and grounding in The Principles

  • Greater impact in your work

  • Creative ideas for your business

  • Tangible real-world solutions that will directly affect your business

  • Engaged action with more joy and inspiration

  • Access to your own innate wisdom and new depths of potential.

This Practitioner Training is for you if:

  • You are sharing or would like to share The Principles in your work with others

  • You want to take your grounding, impact and business results to new levels

  • You want to be with like-minded people in a creative, inspiring and supportive environment

  • You want to turn creative ideas into tangible results

  • You would benefit from support, feedback, collaborative brainstorming and insight into your impact, business ideas and growth.


Your Facilitators

Fiona Lukeis has been a leading coach, mentor and facilitator in the personal and professional development field for more than a decade, developing and facilitating programs and events right across Australia.

Founder of renowned coaching practice, The Relationship Place, Fiona has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples, to help simplify and transform their relationships. She has also spent many years mentoring service providers, coaches and practitioners across a diverse range of fields so they can have a greater impact with their clients and practices.

As a leading practitioner of the Three Principles, Fiona explores the way people relate, connect and understand one another, and the fundamental truths behind how we experience the world as human beings.

Having seen the life changing impact of this work first hand with her clients and coaching students, Fiona is passionate about sharing this understanding with the broader community and is at the forefront of the Three Principles in Australia.

Barbara Patterson is the owner of a global coaching and consulting company helping entrepreneurs, leaders and their organisations have fresh ideas, create incredible impact, and profit from stronger performance.

Barb has worked in the personal, professional and organisational development field for over 25 years. She has partnered with and coached businesses, executive leaders and entrepreneurs around the globe. Barb has worked both internally as a top executive and has owned her own business.

Her newest venture, Beyond Limits in Business is a global platform and community for entrepreneurs, business leaders and their organisations, which delivers transformational education, training, mentoring and events designed to access higher level ideas, greater impact, resilience and results in business.

Live the power of The Principles of the human experience and discover more joy, love and fulfillment in your life.

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