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Learn how to implement the power of the principles of human insight in your coaching practice

I am often approached by coaches and facilitators who have experienced the life-changing power of the principles of human experience personally, and wish to explore how they can share this in their work to better help their clients.

Each year I take on a select number of coaches for my 12 month and 6 month mentoring program. The program is aimed at coaches and facilitators who already have an understanding and experience of this work, and wish to deepen their grounding and implement the power of the principles in their coaching practice.

The Mentoring Program

This is an all-encompassing program, focusing on how deeply grounded you are in the work of the principles and is designed to build your skill set as a coach and facilitator in this work.

The program provides:

  • One on one fortnightly sessions
  • Co-coaching together with a client under my professional supervision
  • In-depth feedback on webinars, presentations and recordings of your client sessions
  • Appraisal of your coaching business, website and message
  • Practical, actionable steps to implement in order to grow your business
  • Bonus access to the six-month Three Principles Mastermind.

As a mentee, the program is tailored to suit your individual needs. Some people need to spend more time on their grounding, while others need more practical help with launching and growing their business.

Understanding this work on an intellectual level is one thing, understanding it on an organic level, where you can begin to effect big change for your clients, is another. The growth of your business is directly connected to your level of grounding. And for some, these insights come thick and fast. While for others, it takes a little longer.

There is no difference between the 12 and 6 month programs except in length, however the duration is also about getting to know you and spending time with you so that we can open up a dialogue and expand the insights you have around this work.

There is a fantastic opportunity right now to be at the forefront of this groundbreaking work in Australia. This understanding is gaining traction here at a rapid rate and there is a strong need for more practitioners in Australia. This is your chance to be part of this wave of change.

fiona-lukeis-mastermindThe Three Principles Mastermind

The Three Principles Mastermind Program is a six month online program designed for individuals who wish to deepen their understanding around this work, and experience the keys to transformation, wellbeing and fulfilment in their day to day lives.

This is an intimate group, where we focus on expanding your personal experience of this understanding as well as your capacity to share and facilitate wellbeing and fulfilment all around you, throughout your personal and professional lives, regardless of your circumstances.

We will explore in depth the nature of the principles of the human experience so you can have a clear understanding of how to experience your true potential and a calm, peaceful and insightful mind.

The power of collaboration in a connected, open group of people never ceases to amaze me and is part of what makes this mastermind so special. I can’t wait to explore what is possible for you over our six months together.

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The next Mastermind is starting in April 2018 and spots are limited, so please send me an email or book in a time to chat to find out more.


I have absolutely loved working with Fiona.

I felt that my understanding deepened more in just one month working with Fiona than it did in one year doing my own study. She is so knowledgeable and has a way of teaching that landed for me every time.

I feel that working with has Fiona helped me so much with my own grounding. As a result of working with Fiona I went from feeling like a victim to feeling resilient, from feeling dependent to feeling self sufficient and from suffering to suffering way less.

Working with her has not only given me the confidence and understanding to work with clients but her program has also enabled me to have conversations with potential clients where I am able to show them that the value that I have to offer and what is possible for them.

I highly recommend her 12 month mentor program to anyone who wants to become a practitioner and work with clients in the 3P understanding.

Rochelle Gance, Founder of Strength Within Coaching

I have known Fiona for around four years and witnessed first hand her ability to coach/mentor fellow coaches on what it takes to be a great coach.  Fiona has vast depth of knowledge, with over 10,000 hours coaching/mentoring experience on a diverse number of topics including, relationships, leadership, business, marketing and her grounding as a Three Principles Practitioner here in Australia is quite unique as she really knows her craft.

When the opportunity arose that she was going to run a Mentor Program I knew instinctively she was the one for me. In my opinion her grounding as a 3 Principles Practitioner and mentor far surpasses any other in Australia. There were no strategies, techniques, or ‘x’ number of steps. What I personally received from participating in her Mentee Program has been truly amazing and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to build a Coaching Practice.

Jennifer March, Jennifer Marr Coaching

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